Friday , October 22 2021

Ciccone case: Banker Brito and Echegaray being processed


Federal Judge

Ariel Lijo

Case lawyer Jorge Brito and former director of AFIP are on trial

Ricardo Echegaray

thinking that they are involved in corruption activities

Amado Boudou

maintain the activities of the printing press


Calcográfica producing paper money.

Magistrate confirms the confession of repentance

Alejandro Vandenbroele

A year ago, Ciccone told me that behind the maneuver, he was a banker Brito, who had paid his lawyer for a year.

According to the words of Vandenbroele, Brito was behind the maneuver and financed the job. Ciccone & # 39; s to remove the bankruptcy of the silver, Vandenbroele, as he said, in the name of Raul Moneta 's hand came from.

José María Núñez Carmona,

partner and friend


. Lijo couldn't show that the money from Britto, from Moneta, showed that the banker had intervened in the administration of Ciccone.

As Echegaray found out that the judge was processing at the time he was committed, Boudou had succeeded in raising the bankruptcy order that had gone bankrupt on Ciccone, in exchange for the company's 70% of the company's actions.

On 4 August, the Federal Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced former Vice-President Boudou to five years and ten months in prison for non-compliance with public service and bribery. His former guard is still being detained in the Ezeiza Prison, after all the defense attempts fail to bring his freedom back until the decision is finalized. Her husband and friend, José María, were sentenced to five years and six months in prison for Nuñez Carmona. The sentence was given by the judges Pablo Bertuzzi, Néstor Costabel and María Gabriela López Iñiguez.

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