Saturday , December 4 2021

chip is implanted in your hand to pay for purchases


Did you find a way to pay your purchases without the need to pay by credit card or cash? Have you been told by your hand that you can only take any kind of action? What if I have to do all this? Microchip implant to the hand. Do it?

This is one of the new inventions that have become increasingly popular in Europe and these words it revolutionizes the way we do our shopping.

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It is a small microchip that is no larger than the rice grain placed in the space between the index finger and thumb. This technology is called RFID and those who carry it You can open the doors of houses without the need for keys or you can take a train with them without buying a ticket.

According to official figures, Swedish already have some 3,000 people Chips installed, authentic & # 39; cyborgs & # 39; is becoming. This number may be higher when the last census was made in May.

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Like other countries Germany, Australia and New Zealand The use of this technology is becoming popular, and many expect to make everyday activities much easier.

But how do these devices work? RFID technology For identification, it is the same as used in chips that are implanted in pets. It also works on many devices such as mobile phones. Contactless bank and credit card.

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However, this device aims to integrate all the advantages of this technology, which allows the chip to operate. as an identification mechanism In addition to open doors, turn on devices and pay bills.

Of course, this led to the most skeptical suspicions, an introduction to possible situations that could be seen in chips. science fiction. Some people think that people's privacy is at risk and devices can be used. for commercial and political purposes.

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