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Chilling: Passengers saw the plane turbine from the plane in the middle of the plane


December 01, 2018, Saturday 16:52

The passengers on the Frontier Airlines flight (260) experienced the refrigeration experience due to the fact that the aircraft's engines were broken and fragmented in the air. I left MacCarran International Airport Las vegas Going to Florida.

The people on the ship gathered photographs of the shocking moment when part of the cover of one of the Airbus 320 engines came out shortly after the departure maneuver. This created an emergency. data-height = "undefined" data-size = "" "title =" hspace = "5" height = "423" /><br /><b>Characteristics of damaged plane.</b></p>
<p><b>The flight crew immediately requested a return to the airport, made an emergency landing and none of the 166 passengers on board were injured or damaged.</b></p>
<p><span style="The engine continued to operate normally and the airplane, an Airbus A320, landed well", the airline said.
The engine's disappearing in the air.

The server of a well-known channel is published on Twitter: "My aunt took a picture of a broken engine on a plane 260 […] He told all passengers that they had a free breakfast voucher.

The airline decided to reimburse passengers with the full price of the trip and provided an extra coupon of $ 500.
That's how he has to return.

Uz Security is our priority in Frontier Airlines and we want to get to know the professionalism of our pilots and flight attendants,. Said Frontier.

How this turbine was broken:



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