Wednesday , June 16 2021

Categorical: Alejandro Fantino explains why he doesn’t or won’t go to PH as a guest: We can talk

In the last show PH: We can talk, One of the guests, Luis Ventura, thanked América and Alejandro fantino, driver Afternoon fantinoLoop in which a columnist is allowed to take part in the scraper program. The journalist’s courtesy might have gone unnoticed, but it was used by Andy Kusnetzoff to make a claim on the air.

“We want Fantino to come to the program”Kusnetzoff said, hinting that his colleague was unwilling to accept the invitation. This Wednesday, his ex-driver Street animals He explained the reasons why he never went to the show on Saturday night and never went.

Asked by Paparazzi, Fantino said, “First, there are hours of recording and I don’t like going to the places where it’s recorded because you say something you don’t like there and they do it to you. You wanted it to stay, they take it off; and I don’t like it. Anyway, that’s not the only reason I didn’t go ”.

Also, I don’t want to talk in places other than my shows. “I have two hours a day in America, I have an hour and a half every night on ESPN, and I don’t want to tire people either.”

Nothing I can say for Andy is interesting. I already told him; “When we spoke with great respect at that time, of course, because he is a child of my generation,” he said.

This is not the first time Kusnetzoff has complained to the air as he never accepted his invitation. However, Fantino assured him that nothing bothered him: “In this case, I believe you did not throw him to attack me. My tone and reaction would be different if I had noticed that way ”.

When asked last PH Fantino seemed like a good show to him because he announced that he is not watching it because Saturday is his only day off and he prefers to disconnect from television. “I read on Saturdays, watch TV series, connect with my girlfriend. I work so hard that it hurts my brain if I watch TV. I’ve never seen. I know what it is about because they’re lifting things, but I’ve never seen that, ”he explained sincerely.


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