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Carlos Soto Dávila court bribery to drug traffickers how was the tariff – 07/12/2018


September 11, 2014 in Corrientes Federal Judge Carlos Soto Dávila (70) The exemption from prison was donated to one of the most severe narcotics in the province: Carlos "Cachito" Bareiro. Officially, he did so under the name of "juratoria" without requesting bail. And then he kept the freedom in the process.

But, the decision would not be free. According to evidence gathered by Sergio Torres, a federal capital judge, on Tuesday, his colleague, ordered two secretaries and five lawyers to arrest. one million pesos coima In the event of a serious situation "illegal" to stop counting: 17 September 2011 seized by the Gendarmerie was taken as the owner of 542 pounds of marijuana shipment.

Freedom of Bareiro 10 cases Soto Dávila and his secretaries (Federico Grau and Pablo Molina), charged by the Procurador de Narcocriminalidad (Procunar), are accused of being the head of a systematically armed bribe collection in exchange for releasing the narcotics of the notion of "Cachito". "Bareiro, Federico "Morenita" Marín and Luis Saucedo, responsible – for three to 15 tons of marijuana traffic.

The secretary of the Soto Dávila Court, Federico Alberto Grau, was arrested on Tuesday.

The secretary of the Soto Dávila Court, Federico Alberto Grau, was arrested on Tuesday.

According to accusations, everything was armed as a round job, starting with the federal court. Drug smugglers were arrested just to demand money from them.

As for "Cachito" prison exemption, the details go from scandal to joy. For starters, Soto Dávila took advantage of him with a measure dating back three years. And he ordered a social worker to come to his home to do a socio-environmental study, despite the fact that Bareiro was a fugitive.

Bareiro's wife said that her husband was actually a fishing guide, and since he did not appear in court (three years), Soto Dávila was exempted from prison under oath. Only in 2016 Explosion of marijuana traffic scandal in Itatí– He ordered the arrest of "Cachito" while he was imprisoned for another reason that he committed in another federal court in the province.

Interpol Luis

Interpol Luis "Gordo" Interpol capture demand for Saucedo. Investigators believe that they are one of the bourgeois narcosis to free themselves.

But the arrangements were not limited to Bareiro and its people. Federico "Morenita" Marín also had Oil donation system through a lawyer staff near the courthouseall were arrested on Tuesday (in the fifth prison).

In general, the tariff was between 20,000 and 30,000 pesos to achieve some freedoms. However, this is only "collaborators", truck drivers, on the second lines. When the accused is more important, bribery has increased.

In July 2016, Marin was imprisoned as a member of his group, Lourdes Alegre. Marín would demand 280,000 pesos, so hilarious that she called her friend Soto Dávila, formerly Empedrado-Juan Manuel Faraone, the mayor (imprisoned in the Judge Torres trial). The treatment with more or less negotiation was continuous.

"Transport days were chosen to match the shifts of Soto Dávila. There were attacks and arrangements with prisoners who were left in 15 days; So they saved the kidnapped vehicles. The shifts of Soto Dávila were always expected and Judge Vallejos' not"Morenita" a repentance of the organization announced in the case of Marín Torres.

in installments

"Say and give him the money and stay free, boludo. But don't pay in advance before the work is doneThe speech was recorded on September 19, 2015, and joined as reporters of allo Morenita Ric Marín and Ricardo en Caballo “González.

The second was imprisoned after a property he owned. 600 pounds of marijuana to be kidnapped. At first, Judge Soto Dávila refused to release him because "Ensuring freedom to continue will greatly facilitate the relationship with its accomplices, prepare a hymn to prevent the actions of Justice, and even erase the evidence necessary to clarify the facts."".

"Morenita" Marín was arrested in Corrientes in October. He was a fugitive for three years.

But then he changed his mind. And according to Torres' announcement of a repentance, there was a lot with Gonzalez's 30,000 pesos freedoms. The money would be given to one of the two secretaries, In total $ 100,000 advance.

"I paid lawyer Vallejos to keep Ricardo González out of jail. I gave Ricardo the money and I gave him to Vallejos, paid in court and made sure that Ricardo wasn't jailed. The arrangement worked, because they signed the freedom"Repentant," he said.

In addition to witnesses, a job was added to follow up the phone calls of the investigators, who wanted to analyze the traffic of the defendant with 10,000 phone lines.

In addition, 4,862 telephony listening discs with 180,000 highly hot communications were analyzed. Paradoxically, most of these hearings were seized by the Soto Dávila court and They slept in boxes, and they gathered spider webs for years.

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