Saturday , July 2 2022

Call of Duty: Two new maps of Black Ops 4, one rainy and one night discovered


As always and in every game, after an update, there are also those who try to make the most of it; on the other hand, there are also those responsible for reviewing the most confidential folder to find confidential data and confidential information. The latter is called Dataminers.

On this occasion, they found two new maps that had not yet officially been officially launched. Shooting Range Night and Beach Sunset.

Shooting range night This is the usual map in COD games, but it will appear with a twist and gloomy.

while Beach Sunset Will have rainor it appears to show your preview image.

I don't know if there are two maps that will finally reach the game or the hopes that they will not only see the light. In case of release, such as NukeTown will be free of charge or downloadable content will be paid.

Waiting for the official announcement of Treyarch is waiting for the players to make their own speculation.

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