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Cabito refined 115 kilos after a gastric bypass and should now gain weight: With the separation and removal of the "All Sufficiency", I entered an anorexic depression. "


"I was run on the fart because I didn't like it if I didn't die, it was ridiculous, my nose was broken and they were waiting in the operating room, but I passed through another door."

Eduardo Massa Alcántara, better known CabitoIn March 2017, he was diagnosed with gastric bypass by the doctor and knew that his life was at risk if he continued to gain weight. Humorist weighing scale 194 kilos When he met his doctor and according to his story, it was "a dream" when he reached 100 kilos. But his doctor is analyzing the dimensions of Cabito. 1,84 metersHe said the ideal weight should be 85.

For approximately two years -20 months, only a liquid diet during the 40 days of the operation, prepared to be better under the ideal weight and need to gain weight.

Im It's already less than spontaneous, because I took a three-year-old child's stomach, and I turned it off with what happened to me, with the departure and exit of the program. I don't want to put this in depressed anorexia, but it's kind of anorexia.", explains the comedian teleshow.

"Now I weigh 79, but I have 6 pounds of skin, which is not fat, so I've got to lose 73 pounds, ideal weight is 85, and I'm 79, five or six pounds.He adds that he is a group of doctors and nutritionists who "follow him closely".

Unlike the lığı whole life için that tests countless diets, the humorist is now in the treatment to gain weight and regain the weight he has lost. "Besides, I trained five times a week, and that's forbidden me."she says she has stopped eating diet foods: "If I can't eat, like whole yogurt with cereals." Easy and that makes me hard to eat".

Ler It's an apprenticeship, I've had six empanadas, one and a half meals after the surgery, but I can't finish one now and I don't eat meat because it's too heavy, bir he says. food.

With regard to the remaining skin, the humorist says it's only aesthetic and afraid of surgery, so he doesn't want to go through the OR now. "It's already a milgaro to be in the size of your pants. L (large) In t-shirts, waistband waistband, pants and more clothes should be bought.

Now what did you do with the big one? "I donated," he says and adds: "I don't have very nice clothes for fat people here, maybe I had the chance to travel and buy more cancheras".

your output Enough of everything

However, he explained that they had bids from the station to proceed to another program but did not make any edits yet. . To be honest, I thought it would care no one, but I had to turn off his cell phone on Monday after Matias' editing, "he says.

"When I'm in the media, I'm a 4 drinks"There are those who want to go back to television production.

An awareness message

"If they do me for every note, if a fat man is run, we have already saved a life," he says. "Obesity is a disease, and many people think that it is because it wants obesity, it gets a lot of help, and I can't understand who my wife is, and my family, nobody else," he explains.
"Later on, there are coca trees that tell me they do things they can't really do in time, but I know that everyone is inside and out, but I know the truth, and then there are a lot of people who want to hang my weight changes." "I've almost never had a drink and now I get very little".

In describing her future career, the comedian already has projects outside the field due to the economic crisis in the country and in the media. She has learned to cook and is now working gastronomically at a brewery, a burger restaurant in Lanús and a restaurant on Costanera.

Your partner and friend famous chef Roberto Pini. "We cook together and prepare the menu, so I'm going to cook eventually, after I go to another chef's place.

"There is a huge crisis in the media, I've been seeing this for some time, so I made dinner and worked on other things", recognizing that they lost their jobs because of obesity: "I'll take charge of nobody because I talked about it, but when the fools were young, big, on television …".

Years passed, generations and media profile changed. Dı Nowadays there are fuller drivers and more rooms, biliy says Cabito, who knew how the time was spotted and took courage from where he didn't believe he should have an operation.

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