Friday , October 22 2021

Brenda Asnicar will be Gilda in the series that will tell the singer's life


After many rumors, it can be confirmed that young Brenda Asnicar will play. Myriam Alejandra Bianchi, A mini series to be published by Netflix I'm Gilda: a loving miracle.

Fiction will tell you the most intimate stories and all the battles that Gilda fights (1961- 1996) To reach the peak until childhood tragic death in a traffic accident.

After the success of the film Gilda: I don't regret this love Room 1520 (filmmaker) selected a mini-series of 13 episodes to be released in 2019.

Natalia Oreiro He played the main role of the film and surprised the audience by interpreting the physical similarities of the actors to the tropical singer. But fans, Ugly duckling You can beat River Plate's star.

"Is Gilda going to be a series? When? With Natalia Oreiro I liked the film, we'll see how Brenda Asnicar looks in the series", One of the comments on social networks.

The actress was at a press conference, muc Call me for this project, a miracle, a dream that happens when I think it is impossible, too, Gilda. Ak He stood on stage to show the role won in the same conference.

Although Natalia has triumphed on the big screen, it doesn't mean that Brenda can't win a victory on the small screen. Asnicar's skills have already been put to the test and made an excellent impression of what the series would be.

"And when we think that Gilda isn't better than Natalia Oreiro to play, Brenda Asnicar appeared," Great, "Gilda said, adding that Gilda was more Gilda. tweeted followers.

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