Thursday , May 19 2022

Brazil defeats Uruguay with a Neymar penalty in London


The Brazilian football team won 1 – 0 in a faded match today in London, England.

One goal of the match played in Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), 31 minutes into the field with a penalty shot star Neymar, was player.

The target was one of the few events in the classic when reporting a cable from the German agency DPA.

Brazil checked the game for 90 minutes, but it was almost impossible to achieve a goal before Uruguay, which reached the crossing pass due to losses in its defense.

Among the normal charrúas “who missed the disability were a few normal beginnings, including goalkeepers Fernando Muslera and defenders Diego Godín and José María Giménez.

Due to the absence of Muslera, the keeper of Independiente, Martín Campaña stopped. On the Brazilian side, Neymar was one of the most successful teams that left behind the rivals with individual games, even though they were uncovered.

Roberto Firmino could not use his opportunity as a striker instead of Gabriel Jesus, and Tite's Brazil still could not reach the goal.

On several arrivals, Uruguay showed a strong threat with its strong front. Edinson Cavani missed a great opportunity in the first half after a terrific pass from Luis Súarez, who saved Alisson in the 9th half.

The absence of Diego Laxalt at the time of the Brazilian side shifting to the region, ended with a penalty and the only goal of the night. Both elections will play their latest friendships in Europe.

"Canarinha" will be seen on Tuesday with Cameroon in England. "Charrúas" will face France on the same day in Paris.

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