Friday , October 22 2021

Boy became ill with Leishmaniasis in a city near Concordia – News


The Uruguay Ministry of Public Health (MSP) confirmed the emergence of the first leishmaniasis case in neighboring countries and a visceral case occurred in a child living in Salto, the city in front of Concordia.

Although officially confirmed that the medical condition of the minor is not serious, he will be treated under strict medical control as specified in the diagnosis, treatment and control manual of the disease.

The Communiqué states that although it is a potentially serious disease, it can be treated by appropriate evolution of drugs available in the country and by appropriate evolution.

The most common symptom is "the presence of fever for more than 15 days, there is no other reason to justify it." In this case, it is recommended to consult the doctor as soon as possible, "It is a disease that exists in humans for now." In the countries of the region for many years, especially in Brazil and Argentina.

Since the emergence of the disease three years ago, it was known that the disease was expected to occur in humans. The presence of dogs' diseases in Uruguay have been identified in the Salto and Artigas departments since 2015, but there were four cases in the town of Sandicra Chapicuy, where the dogs came from Salto and did not infect the dogs. Last October, 230 local dogs were examined.

An MSP Epidemiology team has gone to the region to complete research and coordinate actions with officials and departmental technicians. Among them, research and control of insecticidal insects and deepening the actions for control of the disease. Pan Dogs with the support of the American Health Organization (PAHO) and UdelaR Medical School. It also works with the Uruguayan National Emergency System.

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