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Boca for Alejandro Fantino should receive suspended match points – 11/26/2018

Journalist Alejandro Fantino was a harsh editor on Saturday evening at the events in Monumental, where he criticized Conmebol's actions and felt that La Boca had to hand over the trophy.

"Quilombo has been armed for two reasons: first, madness and violence, whether or not armed by the bar, and finally, when the doctor had to suspend the game, he scored the second naphthalic Conmebol that boomed Boca and River. unable mangosu and saw the status of Boca players. "

"If they had thrown the players out of the river, they would say the same thing. They couldn't play the game. They would play Mike." In the seat of Gago, the glass did not break, as if it were a buoy at a height left a yellow spot. This point was gassy or irritant, if Gago had broken the glass, she'd gass gas directly into her ear and her eyes, saving her from resisting the windows. "

"A few players are supposed to give her corticosteroids. If you see this and you're serious, you can't quit Angelici and Donofrio, the game needs to be suspended, not Conmebol, I wanted to play it, the doctor came and didn't sign it, he saw Pablo Pérez."

"Conmebol is the main criminal of everything that's there."

"I think Boca has to give him the Cup, but get it easy, it's denaturated … Maybe it doesn't celebrate the protests we did to protect our football."

"The leadership of Argentine football has never been able to eliminate violence, bars put them in (Julio) Grondona … Every time they get more power, they've started to take drugs, parking garages, get jobs and become profitable mafia. They're everywhere."

"I closed the accounts in the river bar (theory) because they blew up the ticketing business."

"Boca did what he had to do and now the rules are fulfilled." Tano Angelici went to the meeting and said, "what do you want me to do?" If he didn't sign, the game was played, because River won 3-0. The players won in their home, in better conditions, with less stress, or with the goal of Boca's Wanchope and hanged on the crossbar, sincerely, do you think you can play like this? "

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