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Boca conquered Real Madrid – 11/24/2018


Gonzalo Escalante, who played 100 games in Eibar, took 1-0 win against Santiago Solari. Merengue may be the opponent of Xeneize in the Club World Cup final, and the midfielder has already led. Of course, before celebrating Gullermo's Saturday …

If some of her friends were making up and opening the TV, as soon as possible at 17:00, a fan of Boca would shut her fist. A little celebration. Going out of the corner of the eye, looking at the possible opponent in the hypothetical final of the Club World Cup, he already started taking adrenaline on Saturday. And to an old Xene, he gave him a joy: Gonazlo Escalante scored a 1-0 score in the Eibar victory against Real Madrid, explaining that Santiago Solari was not invincible.

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Escalante scale. Go up, up. Yanar. Stepping into the Merengue area, he took advantage of a short rebound from Ceballos and sent the disillusioned Spaniard to rescue him to start imagining. At 100, Eibar's T-shirt gave Boca the luxury to deliver the Real. And yet, with eight goals already converted.

Gonzalo Escalante, Eibar – Real Madrid goal

Former Boca's Gonzalo Escalante scored 1-0 in Real Madrid against Eibar by Santiago Solari.

Gonzalo did infusions in Xeneize and made his debut at the first club as a trainer with Carlos Bianchi on April 13, 2013 at San Martin de San Juan (6-1 defeat for Boca). The 25-year-old midfielder has had two seasons in the whole bank, but never succeeded in securing it, and was then lent to Catania, where he remained with his passport. In 2015 he came to Eibar and won a place.

Eibar 3 – Real Madrid Watch 0 goals

The goals were scored by Escalante, Sergi Enrich and Kike García. Video: YouTube.

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