Monday , June 27 2022

Boca & # 39; s security chief accused of "aggression against microe held"


Prior to the return of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores, it was unthinkable. A group of river supporters attacked with stones and Oral objects for Boca micro when it is about to enter monumental.

This refusal caused the injury of several players (the most affected midfielder was Pablo Pérez) and the omnibus driver triggered the suspension of the match (it was re-adjusted this afternoon at 17:00).

Juan Tagliaferro, Boca's security chiefIn an interview with Crónica, he was empathetic to assert that an attack on the campus cousin was planned. "Aggression organized. I think after watching the videos. He said they were waiting in a corner of us and were waiting for us in a corner, they were organized.

”We always knew where to take us, the transfer was done in the best conditions, we had no problems until the stadium was around,“ he said. And then, added: ”If the measures are not taken correctly, this is an ambush“.

Tagliaferro also stressed the actions of the bus driver to avoid "a disaster". "Our driver was lucky.injured to get a stone on the ribs, did not lose micro control. With a lot of people there, a disaster could have occurred, "he said.

"The players were late because of the shock they experienced. Some of them fell asleep." He also stated that "the players are not afraid".

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