Saturday , April 17 2021

Blas Giunta in Superfinal: "I would play with a broken head"

Personality Blas Armando Giunta He is known for his aggressive and temperamental attitudes. His attitude as an actor in his days supports him as a fan and a coach.

Idol in the last hours Xeneize spoke with sports signal ESPN and emphasized the attitude of DT river. "Gallardo said he doesn't want to play all the time. He said they can't play with the advantage of sports. As soon as I said. the ChabonThen he didn't tell the press. What he did looked good to me., slipped.

However, they asked how they would react if they were one of the cadres' victims. Boquer France, Giunta He was not afraid to say that he was against the suspension: Süs I would play. I had no problems. I played happy. I'd play with a broken head. ".

The former midfielder took two steps to the river bank. First among 1989 and 1993 between and 1995 and 1997After the time of Mexican football. Currently he redirects Admiral Brown.

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