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New Fallout is the subject of debate in the game world. Did he stop being the legend, the Fallout? Maybe. The latest version, an online multiplayer game in the world of Fallout. This Fallout 76released a few days ago and Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

There were all kinds of points in the game review: "a scam"for others "So funny". No midpoint. Maybe that's a note.

Lagrimear ended with the disappearance of the story of the bir on his own son story and of the epic stories because ”he criticizes the play for something that is not. Name Fallout 76 refers to contentThe survivors leave this safe after the atomic bomb and have to do it in Virginia.

Bethesda announced the game …

"Fallout 76 is the online prequel of the Fallout series, where every survivor is a real person. In the heart of West Virginia, discover a new wild nature, the largest and most elaborate open world in the history of the series. After years, you and your friends from Vault, selected from the best and brightest in your country, are transformed into a post-nuclear America. Play alone or explore, research, develop and succeed in the greatest threats of evils.

But, Fallout 76 is not as good a game as you want to be. It looks like an "old" game, doesn't work well, looks graphically good, but remains stuck permanently; The game is annoying and the way of shooting and fighting is unfriendly and rarely liquid; The creativity of tasks that return interactions is also weak. These are the minuses.

How nice? Here is the setting of a desolate world. For the well-acquired profile of the survival game (it is very important to be good at making a continuous cooking and making water drinkable).

It's also certain on the side of goodness. open world in the construction processBethesda has time and work to improve everything that is not right. He even put in a bitumen piece weighed more than the original game …

Vos With Bethesda's press management in Latin America, he tried out his video game on a standard Playstation 4. And then we put words in our experience. Is it worth buying? Frustrated in a game considered to be Triple A (produced and distributed by the largest companies on the market).

N & # 39; s up?

There are no people controlled by AI.human NPCs in video games. This is a sharp change from previous Fallout. But it is necessary to change the franchise.

Interactions going through three lanes: groups to advance the missions or investigate the map, trading; or just face us in duels between 1 and 1. There's some kind of variant from duel to another. Someone is shot and if he gives someone back, he will give his consent.

The "only" winner of the duel lost his trash, not his weapon. However, if someone is attacking a player several times, usually gets the wanted poster and the person who hunted him is rewarded.

The fight is centered in the Fallout 76. Character feeding and drinking work as much as the center. Getting resources (discovering and plundering) is vital and mobile. Use the kitchen counter.

Diseases contracted. We took the water in a bad condition and dropped the parasites. We lie on a bed on the floor and get sick. These are details that give the framework of this desolation against the environment.

They're a Fallout. They are not good at the online action dynamics in this topic. Slow Motion.

The creators of the game so painted this part of the game …

Inşaat Create and build on the road, anywhere in the world with the new mobile construction and assembly platform (C.A.M.P.Provide much-needed shelter, materials and safety. With the power of the atom, take control of nuclear missiles to decide where and when to attack and create high-level areas. It collects rare and valuable building materials and resources in the temporary explosion zones resulting from a nuclear rain. "

It is also necessary to have a lot of weapons because the war is too much and always happens. Against the assets that host others and the reputable map. Weapon game (the use of guns: shooting and control of vision) is not the best. Looks rough and slow.

Of course, no one wants a Fallout to be Battlefield or Call of Duty.but could be friendlier for a better experience. It's over to be more useful than close combat.

When traveling alone with Appalachia, the place where the action takes place is acceptable. But the game is screaming for cooperation (up to four players). Doing the main tasks (which revolves around a manager who leaves the Vault 76 and is quite simple).

Like any RPG, it has the ability tree with great Fallout card style. The most beautiful is S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Power, Perception, Resistance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck). Another section is the creativity of the food names. Also personalization of clothing. And we hope to enter legends from West Virginia.

Why is it going graphically bad? Passed like bushes If we were hologram. Helicopters are disappearing from unreasonable skies.

The compass does not always work well and is easier to direct by the map (not opened by Pip-Bob). The items appear and disappear. An enemy looks hard and is suddenly activated. Fires and controls aren't responding.

In short, the thumb of the game will depend on tastes that taste up or down. And this is a side that leaves a Fallout already clear. There are games everyone likes.

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