Friday , December 3 2021

Bauza confirmed the start for the final


Edgardo Bauza, the coach of Rosario Central, put his head in Copa Argentina, so he already approved the starting line. On Thursday, his team discussed the final against Gimnasia La Plata at Malvinas Argentinas Stadium (Mendoza, 21.10). But before, on Monday, 19:00 in Jos Amalfitani, he should play Superliga's 14th against Vlez & # 39; s.

"Thursday's team will of course: Up Ledesma; Bettini, Caruzzo, Cabezas, Parot; Camacho, Ortigoza, Carrizo; Zampedri and Ruben. No doubt, Gil. " According to the latter, Patn explains: "I know how to get to know her and how she gets the treatment, I think she will go there, at least to play, then we will start". As for the next commitment, remarc:11 players will not play against Vlez on Thursday. "

In addition, Coach Canalla announced the game of both teams: "Neither will change, The style, style and ideas of each are more than 100 teams, and 2 is the final of this. Will try to impose the style of each team"And you confess:I hope you've established a throne for the first time as a player and coach. He will play a final and this fills me with pride, now we must try to win it.

In the end, he picked the match against Fortn and threw a bat: op I wanted Vlez and the game to pass after the final, They gave the other teams a chance, but they couldn't.. We will try to build a good team to see if we can achieve a good result. "

But he added: bir We've come in a good way, then we have to work on the virtues of the match and the opponent. Vlez is a young and very busy team. You will have to work hard to get a good result."

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