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Barcelona 3-1 Girona Friendly Match 2021 Goals and Highlights | 24.07.2021

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Barcelona 3-1 Girona

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Game over!

Great exhibition of the youth of Barcelona’s main forces towards the start of the Santander League.

11:45 AM34 minutes ago


Penalty reduction increased the advantage. Barcelona already won 3-1 to the Girona team

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Rehydration pause

12:29 an hour ago

Barcelona 2-1 Girona

12:19 an hour ago


While Girona clearly sees what he wants to do on the field, Barcelona cannot find its ideal in the game.

12:10 an hour ago


The sphere is played on the crescent.

12:04 an hour ago

Blending continued

11:51 an hour ago

first half ends

Game opportunities have moved quite a bit.

11:45 2 hours ago


Girona goal! Tie up for eleven steps.

11:44 2 hours ago

Barcelona 2-0 Girona

11:38 2 hours ago


Excellent play by the local player, but the field went offside in the last month.

11:33 2 hours ago


Barcelona is stuck in midfield, Girona is tightening in that sector to seek fault. The game has stopped.

11:28 2 hours ago


Barcelona goal! Barcelona has already expanded its advantage. Play with the included screen.

11:23 2 hours ago


Barcelona goal! Piqué scores eleven steps and already highlights locals.

11:18 2 hours ago


Barcelona has already started to settle on the playing field. On the tapes he’s trying to control

11:13 2 hours ago


Good Iñaki Pena! He prevented the opponent’s score with his save. In both frames, the actions begin a little more.

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Love of Barcelona and owner of the ball. Try to surprise your opponent for speed.

11:03 AM2 hours ago

Actions begin with Johan Cruyff

The duel, which has become a tradition in the pre-season.

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Squad: Barcelona

10:53 2 hours ago

Squad: Girona

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to play with people

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back to Girona

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Pre-season positives

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You can see it here

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Where and how will you watch the Barcelona – Girona match online and live?

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Programs to not miss the match Barcelona – Girona live online

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Watch out for this Barcelona player

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Watch out for this player from Girona

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Last squad Barcelona

Torun, Dest, Pique, Demir, Pjanic, Escobar, Puig, Barde, Roberto, Peque Polo, Umtiti.

9:53 AM3 hours ago

Barcelona: lubricating the gear

09:48 4 hours ago

Girona: back at work

09:43 4 hours ago

Both pictures are ready

This afternoon, Joan Cruyff will be making some round-the-world preparations for the match leading up to the Santander League between the Barcelona team, which will play without Messi, and the Gerona team, which wants to continue with the details.

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