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Barbara and two demons | The wife of Rodriguez …


Barbara Diez, the wife of the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta joined the list of personalities linked to the Cambiemos government, which eliminated the "two demon theory". In Instagram, he and his wife, French President and his wife Emmanuel and Briggite Macron's photo, Memory Park & ​​is located next to the photo of the memorial that reminds the last civil-military dictatorship that disappeared, he said. . However, it ends by saying that everything is about a "brutal war". One on the other. . The original article said that it took hundreds of repudio in a few minutes.

"This was a brutal war. On the one side and the other. Our respects to EVERYONE," he wrote, emphasizing the recent notions that a community sector endeavors to justify the theory of illegal kidnapping, concentration camps, the disappearance of people, theft of babies and other crimes. In addition to international human rights organizations, it is the state terrorism that Argentine and international justice accept as a; genocide Uluslararası.

Instagram barbara.diez

In his reflection, Diez talked about "not repeating the story", after Macron gave his salvation to "liberated grandmothers", "this amazed grandmother is amazed." This is what the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo said. He said the court was for "French nuns" and that it referred to "victims of state terrorism".

However, before a comment from a follower, they stated that the victims had only State terrorism. . I want to know if they remember all the families who were the victims of the terrorists' attacks, F Follower asked. Ten & # 39; s answer: "ALL 'I remember. These flowers were ALL. I feel like that."

Instagram barbara.diez

Given the wave of criticism about the use of these concepts, Barbara Diez's reaction was to edit the original text and replace it with a shorter location, thanks to the presence of Emmanuel and Briggite Macron in tribute to the Costanera memorial. Sur spoke to relatives of the missing. What remained was the picture of Rodríguez Larreta and the French presidential pair.

Instagram barbara.diez

Published yesterday, took hundreds of questions in social networks. When several users publish screenshots, both in Instragam & Twitter. In a few hours the original text and mail photo was changed. Iklı Flowers for every victim, thrown into the sea or river, “he said, and showed his confusion or ignorance, saying Memory Park can only remember the victims of the so-called k planes, but not all of the victims of the genocide.“ death. "

Criticism has grown and then deleted. The G-20 Summit maintained its environment surrounded by the luxury exhibited for the leaders and representatives of international organizations participating and clearly photographing.

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