Tuesday , October 19 2021

Banks impose alarm signals for impact on the financing of the Gross Revenue payment


A lot has been spoken in Argentina these days Large gap between interest rates The average of the financial system ahorrista, about 47% per annum, 30 days, and the cost of the bank loan, for the pledge in the purchase of a car is higher than 60% and with 77% to finance the consumption of credit cards.

But, Very little is known about the weight of the tax, not only the national, but the profits.Provincial and municipal taxes on the economy as a whole, but on both nominal interest rates and on the costs of financial institutions.

Gave a piece Claudio CesarioChairman of the Association of Argentine Banks (ABA), the annual press conference Infoba toBefore negotiating this situation, we would like to emphasize: Vergi The payment of the tax to the Gross Income represents the average of the affiliates of the ABA, which is half of the total payment of the wages, and is equal to the annual amount of the liquidation of the Tax. Earnings, when historically, this was less than 22% of the mass of wages.".

In the case of municipal taxes, the representative of foreign capital banking in Argentina emphasized the anomaly that states that c in some provinces the costs of lighting, sweeping and cleaning should pay for the workflow Belediye. coincides with the front of the building ".

"The aim is to raise awareness among the public and the public to work with the provincial authorities. Today's services Financiers are almost paying gross income like gambling. Then we will try to do with taxes and municipal fees. In some cases they are paying for uncompromising services, "Cesario said.

After emphasizing the importance of compensating macroeconomic stability with zero fiscal deficit and zero monetary problems, after establishing the conditions for developing the capital market, which reduces dependence on external financing, Argentine banks are the President of the Association, "he said.Competition debate cannot ignore the fact that tax pressure is the most affected.. It causes many sectors to lose opportunities, not stay on the market and not create an official job. A tax pressure of 38% eliminates or prevents any investment opportunity. What is the rate of return required to support this and how important is incentives to overcome informality?

For this reason, Cesario concludes that: ve The financial cohesion or zero deficit is not only the responsibility of the national government; Gross Income tut.

Otherwise, the banker said, v the cost of credit will remain high, and hence will damage the provinces with which the provinces pay. Öd

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