Thursday , September 29 2022

Bacteria in your shower can cause lung infection


The shower in your bathroom can contain countless bacteria that can affect your health in every wash. A study by the University of Colorado found that sprinkler heads could accommodate tuberculosis mycobacteria not associated with lung infection.

These bacteria reach the lungs by inhalation and cause non-tuberculosis mycobacterial lung infections. According to the results of the study, the bacterium was more abundant than the municipality water.

Bacteria in the shower

Through the collection of data on biofilm and water chemistry showering 656 households in the United States and Europe. In the United States, it has been found that these bacteria have more abundance. According to the researchers, this may be due to the difference in the use of disinfectants with chlorine.

The chemistry of water is even different, therefore it affects the permanence and development of mycobacteria. In this sense, they have identified the United States regions where showers have a high amount of potentially pathogenic bacteria. These regions are pulmonary NTM disease.

In the special case of the United States, which shows the highest mycobacteria presence, the regions with the highest rates of lung diseases are Southern California, Florida and New York.

Sprinkler interferes with the growth of bacteria
On the other hand, the material in which the shower is made can determine the growth of these bacteria. According to the study, higher concentrations of mycobacteria were found in metal showers than in plastic.

Your shower has a microbial world where you can be exposed to every shower. And the factors that support its growth can go from the water treatment types we use every day to the pipe materials. Together, these factors can alter the composition of bacterial communities.

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