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Attack revealed serious flaws in Bullrich operation


Boca team moves the micro, River fans were attacked with stones..

The security operator, supported this Saturday to prevent incidents in the Superfinal, failed in absolute terms and won a global role for the G20 days, which will gather the world's leading leaders in the city. Bringing Boca players, the micro was attacked with stones to reach the Monumental in the midst of a remarkable absence to protect the players visited by the River Fan.

. It was a haze, da one of the events began, a battle that shattered a glass of glass, which led to the players of the riverside club and forced them to suspend the start of the planned game at 5 pm. The cross is the area of ​​interest, so it continues.

After 5 pm, the picture was completely confusing. On his official Twitter account, Conmebol said the game was postponed to 18, while Boca & # 39; s teams insisted that their team was not in a position to play with Pablo Pérez and Gonzalo Lamardo's hospitalization, and security forces were sent at the gate of the stadium. they said they won't play today.

Events were triggered by micro-arriving at campus from Boca to Monumental until 15 pm. At that moment, less than two hours before the final began, a group of river supporters started throwing stones at the team. The area was rescued without police to control the area around the stadium.

. The state was in a position to guarantee the safety of the stadium, konum said Bullrich. In fact, a few weeks ago, when Mauricio Macri started the debate to attract visitors, the minister backed him with a rhetorical question: ayı We'll have a G20, can't we take a River-Boca match? ".

Events are worrisome because they are the exact days of the world summit where the leaders of the highest powers will join Buenos Aires with a mega security operation responsible for the Bull Richness.


Boca players moving the micro, Monumental stadiums near the stadium was stoned by fans. Some players of the team (Leonardo Jara and Pablo Perez), led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto, are subject to interruptions and are not in a position to go out and play. Meanwhile, several people were separated by tear gas: Perez and her pup, Gonzalo Lamardo, was transferred to a hospital.

G The players are all injured, cular said Christian Gribaudo, general secretary of Boca Juniors Club. Marcelo London, on the way, said there was a free space on the way from the hotel to the area: otel There were always people who didn't allow people to get on the bus,. Vice President Darío Richarte said "Boca is not in a position to play". He also stated that Pablo Pérez should be taken to a clinic for an eye-related collision.

The doctors, who were sent by Conmebol, reviewed the physical condition of the heroes. The governing body of South American football announced a delay of 18 hours, but the idea of ​​suspension was assessed.

The presidents of both institutions (Rodolfo D & # 39; s Onofrio and Daniel Angelici) will meet at one of Conmebol (Paraguayan Alexander Domínguez) to describe the steps to follow.

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