Sunday , April 11 2021

Asteroid will approach the World 62 times in the next hundred years – Aire de Santa Fe

If an asteroid of this size hit us, it would do with a power of 50 megatons, the equivalent of the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created.

According to reports by Express, a 213-meter monster crashed into the Earth in the next century, leading to a devastating explosion, according to a recent warning issued by NASA.

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This space rock, which travels at a speed of 15.13 kilometers per second and has an equivalent length of two Big Ben in London, is known as the 2018 LF16 and was first observed by the Sentry System of Laboratory on June 16, 2017. Jet Propulsion System (JPL) programmed to monitor potential asteroid impact hazards.

According to Sentry's calculations, the nearest potential impact can take place on 8 August 2023. Other dates will be 3 August 2024 and 1 August 2025. Meanwhile, there is a total of 628 projected 2018 LF16 trajectories. When the rock hit the Earth until 2117.

What is striking is that if an asteroid of this size is required to hit us, then it will do this with a 50 megaton equivalent to the explosion of the Soviet hydrogen bomb known as the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created. middle

However, fortunately, it should be emphasized that the 2018 LF16 with our planet is almost the absence of the possibility of collision. In fact, the full percentage of this likelihood is estimated at 0.0000033%, ie 30 million, according to the NASA experts specified by the media.


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