Saturday , July 2 2022

Argentina's shares in Wall Street fell almost 3.5% due to the fall of oil


Argentinian shares in Wall Street moved to the negative zone on Friday and dropped to 3.5% as part of a limited volume day after a day on the New York Stock Exchange only a half-wheel stock market. There are no events for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The losses of Argentine newspapers are managed by Tenaris (-3.5%); Free Market (-2.9%); and Edenor (-2.8%). Second, it is affected by the sharp drop in oil prices in international markets. Similarly, the main increases were recorded by Irsa (2.4%), Banco Galicia (1.9%) and Irsa Propiedades (1.6%).

Brent oil references fell more than 4% and reached its lowest level in more than a year, despite the fact that manufacturers have reduced production to curb a global surplus.

• Wall Street

US stocks fell on Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. collapsed with the collapse of the energy sector due to permanent weakness in oil pricesand the S & P 500 index confirmed the second correction of 2018.

The Dow Jones industrial average amounted to 24.285,95 units, down 178.74 points or 0.73%; The S & P 500 dropped by 17.37 points or 0.66% to 2.632.56 units. Meanwhile, Nasdaq found 6.938.98 units, down 33.27 points or 0.48 percent.

• Brazil

The main index of Brazilian stocks fell on Friday and closed the week, dropping most due to the decline in commodity prices of Petrobras and Vale.

However, the shares of Banco do Brasil rose due to expectations regarding the composition of the next government.

In Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, Bovespa's benchmark index decreased 1.5% to 86.165.23 points, increasing weekly losses by more than 2%. Meanwhile, the real dollar lost 0.22 percent per dollar.

Wall Street continued to trade on Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday, but the session will be shorter.

In a note to customers, London Capital Group analyst Jasper Lawler said that China's concerns about global growth and trade tensions pressured metal prices, while oil prices were affected by extreme concerns. before the worsening of supply and economic perspectives.

State oil company Petrobras' shares fell by 3.7 percent in 2018, in line with the sharp decline in oil prices, which were traded at the lowest prices. operation "Lava Jato".

Mining giant Vale's shares fell 5.11 percent following the decline in iron ore prices in China and other metals, following the movement of other stocks of mining companies traded in the European market.

Shares in Banco do Brasil rose 1.19 percent. The economist Rubem Novaes said in a statement that they plan to use capital markets in the privatization processes of the financial institution, which will head the bank under the leadership of Jair Bolsonaro.

BRF shares fell by 11.67 percent after an increase in the previous two rounds.

• Europe

major European stock exchanges, except this Friday, won on this Fridayoil prices were affected by the decline.

London fell 0.11% to 6.952.86 points. Frankfurt rose 0.49% and finished with 11.192.69 points. Paris was up 0.18% to 4.946.95. Milan rose 0.60% to close at 18.715. Madrid won 0.12% and won 8.916.70 points.

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