Sunday , June 26 2022

Argentina records 4,700 million records on wind and solar energy investment – ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI


Argentina is preparing to make history through the crisis. This year, a new record was obtained for renewable energy investments that provided a major movement of technology from China, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy and other latitudes. The Clean Energy XXI data confirms that there are currently 91 projects representing 1733 MW (17 commercial enterprises and 74 construction) and an estimated investment of $ 4,855 million.

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I We set out to promote renewable energies and we have a very specific commitment: until 2025, 20% of the demand for electricity will be met and advanced by renewable energies, eb said President Mauricio Macri. last generation.


Energy Minister Javier Iguacel stressed that this is a paradigm shift because they encourage large projects of strategic importance, but they also encourage daily self-consumption in homes that want to change for a renewable option. Matris This is the way to diversify the energy matrix in the whole area. The country is becoming renewable and sustainable. Every user understands that it will depend on them to maintain and produce their own energy.


418.3 MW installed 17 commercial operations and 611.5 million dollars investment. While under construction, there are 74 projects with a total capacity of 2,916 MW.

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