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Argentina is already discussing about PREP, the prevention pill of HIV


It's known The most effective protection against HIV is conditional.It not only prevents taking the virus, but also prevents other sexually transmitted infections. but 98% of diagnosed cases are caused by not using prophylactic..

Therefore, Consensus grows in need of having other protective strategies and the power here Preparationwith The proven efficacy is between 90 and 95%.

What is PrEP?

An antiretroviral, daily pill known as PrEP is intended for pre-exposure prophylaxis, who have not experienced the virus and are more likely not to have this disease.We are talking about sex workers, who are serious and trans men and women who are not using condoms, serotest couples, and one of their members are positive.


In order to analyze the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis in injectable mode, Fundación Huésped started a replicated study in other countries at the same time.. "The idea is to know whether an injection is applied bimonthly It gives similar results to the pills because we know there are people who can't keep it every day, and maybe this alternative is easier for them, Hap he explains. Omar Sued, Guest Research Director.

About 100 people are already involved in the study and the results are known in just four years.


Sued knows that the state must guarantee to people who do not have health insurance and that they will do the same with the members of the social and prepaid work. The AIDS law in Argentina determines that all prevention, diagnosis and treatment tools should be free of charge.s, then by law, this should be free, if approved by the State. "


In Argentina, PrEP is still a pending debt and requires a wider discussion.

Gustavo PecoraroSays we are journalists and activists in response to HIV "should be an alternative because it is a controversial alternative and the only alternative for prevention". He adds that this is a discussion autonomy of organs They must dominate when deciding whether to take PrEP.".

"You must remove PrEP from the closet. It is the State Responsible."

"I had sex with a person who didn't live with HIVserodiscordant relationship, and He wants to get PrEP. ", says Pecoraro, the first Proud History Buenos Aires.

Another activist and also a journalist, Lucas "Fauno" Gutierrez, "We are faced with a necessary discussion, but in what context?" It is very hypocritical to talk about PrEP until all HIV-positive people have access to treatments..

If HIV-positive people do not even have our medicines, how do we think about drug negatives?

Gutiérrez rejected the reduction of the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this year New law of HIV law from various institutions. Finally remembered "We are governed by a 1990 law that does not consider human, social, or workers' rights."

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