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ARA San Juan's man said: "I hope you can tell what happened to the submarine" – 11/28/2018

Question from Cape Town to Houston, the United States & # 39; past, passed as a phone line. It couldn't be via Skype or Facetime, and it was the most direct way to talk with the CEO of Ocean Infinity, the company's water Oliver Plunkett. Argentina submarine ARA is responsible for maximum discovery of San Juan responds with a strong British accent. It will not come to South Africa to build a seabed at the port on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, but is still out-of-date. Then the answer turned remotely. "The hardest moment? Of course, in 45 or 50 days our mood was affected. It was almost obvious that the ship was in the region where it appeared, but we couldn't find it. The experiment and the error happened and it did not appear. It was the hardest moment," says Plunkett. He is grateful for the congratulations, but confesses that the mission continues.

The ship that built the seabed was only hours away to reach the port. And the Ocean Infinity company still has a very important job: Download all the materials collected in the ARA San Juan's position and forward every detail to the Argentine Government. Only then can the National Bank submit the bill for a corresponding seven million dollar collection. After the evacuation procedures in South Africa, this data transfer will start on Wednesday.

Four members of the submarine come to the sea floor. It was a condition applied by the Argentine Government and the relatives of the victims to the private seekers whom these four people viewed as an observer on the ship.

Seabed took the lesson several times, believing that the observers were able to find the submarine, according to their interrogations. Di It was a wise move, aile says Plunkett, “it was very important to have these four family members on board. They saw everything and know how we work and what we do every day. See how each data is checked and how it is discarded. They were the first to know what they saw. Everything we do can comment with them. So it was important that they traveled with us. "

The same thing reveals the relationship with the Navy and Government officials. "His meeting with the Minister of Defense, the day he visited the ship in Comodoro Rivadavia, and then a proper and professional dialogue with the Navy. They even collaborated with their boats. It was a good relationship," he explains.

The bet was 60 days. The finding was in the first phase of the study. Otherwise, it was stated that the information provided by all the navies previously involved in the rake had no other, and the hydroacoustic recording, anomaly, coinciding with the sound of the crash. .

Ocean Infinity, when the submarine found the ARA San Juan.

Ocean Infinity, when the submarine found the ARA San Juan.

"We had a goal for 60 days because all our accounts showed that the submarine was there. The general manager said," We went through easy because of a strategy and risk reduction. "

Plunkett does not neglect to continue to cooperate with the Argentine Government. What happens soon is the transfer of data, then it can be seen. "Now we'll forward all the data. And then we'll see if we should continue to help them, " He shows. At the port, your company's ship is waiting to receive materials from the Argentine Government and coordinate the shipment to Buenos Aires.

Receiving or taking the submarine is something Plunkett prefers to remain cautious. She is aware that this debate is now revolving around history, but she avoids to pronounce it because she knows it is a sensitive matter.

ARA is one of the images of San Juan.

ARA is one of the images of San Juan.

"Our issue," says the expert, "is to wait for the Argentine government to draw its conclusions and be ready if they need more help from us."

Plunkett did not see his photos and therefore avoided talking about them. She knows there is a significant amount and hopes that she can serve as she believes. Time to analyze this material. However, this task belongs to the Marine Infinity, not the Navy experts. "I hope you can tell us what happened," says Plunkett.

And finally, it is divided into an ultimate interpretation for relatives with austerity that characterizes it. "We know that It's important to them. We hope it helps you understand what's going on. "ARA closes the man who manages the finding of San Juan.

Ask for your patience. His ship is approaching the land in South Africa. And she admits that this story isn't over yet. This now begins a stage that will lead us to reality.

Close to arrival

Submarine ARA San Juan's history is about to begin a new phase. This Wednesday, at the port of Cape Town, ended the Seabed Constructor with the arrival of the ship. Finally, the boat found the submarine on November 17. It's the first time since he's been touching the world. On the ship, the ARA team who participated in the search as observers has 4 Argentine relatives. But at the same time 67 thousand images that will let you know what it is. These images are only expected to arrive in Argentina next Tuesday. In Caleta Olivia, wait, Judge Marta Yañez.

The captain of the ship was Gonzalo Prieto and the Defense Attaché at Cape Town and the consultant Pablo Graziano in South Africa. (Emmanuel Fernández / Special Envoy)

The captain of the ship was Gonzalo Prieto and the Defense Attaché at Cape Town and the consultant Pablo Graziano in South Africa. (Emmanuel Fernández / Special Envoy)

During the Wednesday afternoon, captain Gonzalo Prieto, the defense attache in Cape Town, and Pablo Graziano, South Africa, held meetings with port captain officials in this city. They knew the location for the anchoring of the boat and, besides being historical, they were ready for a vital operation. Two Argentines will be representatives of the country in the operation. They will have to supervise the descent of the information, and they will be the people who receive the Argentine observers who live personally at the time of discovery. The maneuvers are expected to enter the harbor and start at five o'clock on Thursday morning.

South Africa Special Envoy.

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