Wednesday , October 20 2021

Apply artificial intelligence to thousands of photos on Instagram to predict influenza epidemic


The combination of scientific knowledge and technological practices leads to new techniques that have never been addressed or to medical treatment. Two Finnish researchers published a study on a system using the system. Artificial intelligence and images from InstagramOne or two weeks ago, he can predict the peak of an influenza pandemic and get more accuracy than 90%.

The study was based on more sampling. 22 thousand people with influenza in Finland have published publications in the social network in the last five years Instagram.

Finnish scientists Miikka Ermes and Oğuzhan Gencoğlu, who are experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence, published their work in the journal Cornell University in North America. In this report, various labels (tags) were compared with words such as flu, fever, headache. Share photos about medicine boxes, lemon tea cup and thermometer.

Output after entering information at the peak of the influenza epidemic The degree of coincidence reached by the algorithm reaches 96% by one week before by 90% and by 86% by two weeks.

Controlling Artificial Intelligence Algorithm if there is a relationship between two databasesOne of them consisted of texts and the other images. They discovered that people still feel bad, continuing to publish on social networks.

European country tradition of a long health system Highly technical in terms of its own database.

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