Sunday , October 17 2021

Another strong price note in food | chronic


by Francisco Martirena Auber
@ martirena74

In a new round, hypermarket chains, provincial supermarkets, supermarkets, warehouses and wholesale centers started to raise prices for various products by 15 percent. They're going to increase by 5 percent because they're "tied" to the price of the US dollar.

According to the resources provided by the industry chronicThe Arcor company ordered increases from 10% to 15%; Unilever, 6 to 7%; Dulcor is between 7 and 12%, and Nestlé plans to do it too. Cold meats, dairy products, herbs and bleach will also be highlighted.

"The situation is because our suppliers have killed us in increments"supermarket chains. The decision by the core companies of the Food Products Industrialists' Coordinator (Copal) provoked again the Minister of Production and Labor. Dante Sicahad signed in last October to indicate this "Prices will slow down in the coming months."

Reproduction of sensitive goods such as oil, flour and rice, "Sledgehammer" The expected decline in inflation and, as a result, the expected expectations of the final prices for the consumer.

In a scenario where low inflation is expected in November, one of the chains is described in this way. "The wave of ascension is continuing..

More profitability

Other sources pointed out that, despite the decline in consumption, especially in the Argentine market, companies are betting on higher profitability. After the last quarter of 2017, parity increases were higher compared to the previous year.

”The biggest problem is that the inflating of the basic basket is generally very high“, specified. "The situation in the supermarkets is the terminals, because the suppliers are killing us with increments., he was warned.

Likewise, the tendency of previous months is repeated on consumer behavior. "Even if people come several times a month, they buy in small quantities. Also, buy cheaper brands", they pointed.

The withdrawal of American money will and will be reflected in gondolas immediately due to speculative behavior in the business sector, partly due to imported components and also to the elimination of purchasing power.

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