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And one day, he did: Tucumán, Newell, thrashing and relief | I Rosario3.Co


And one day Newell won again from home. I waited until the end of the calendar year to do so. 376 days after your last time: November 26, 2017 at the river court. Tonight he was strong A stadium that didn't fall before 18. And with a cauldron, By closing the magnificence of Hector Bidoglio.

Leprosy defeated San Martin de Tucumán from 3 to 0 in La Ciudadela until the 15th day of the First Division Super League. The meeting was closed for both: Red and black, the Colossus reached the triumph of the crossing line.; On the other hand, the indigenous people could not leave the landing zone.

Purposive goals Francisco Fydriszewski the second half of the 9 & # 39; and 41 & # 39; Alexis Rodríguez 44 & # 39; s. Saint played less than 55 minutes Moreira fired 36 minutes in the game with double yellow.

Newell is far superior, especially after 15 minutes. And more likely, because of Moreira's deportation. After a parity began in the first quarter of a clock, Saint & # 39; s is the clearest 13 & # 39; (canceled by Purita, because Pons, the leader, Aguerre was bewildered), red and black He took over the middle field and was the best of the two.

And the goals were achievements: 18 & # 39; s
Formica was thrown into the hands of Carranza; In the absence of Fydriszewski in 30, Moreyra complained to Moreyra after the first yellow, with a free kick. And he had the sharpest in 35: Formica overflowed, headed back to the center, and, unusually, Figueroa threw him away. Finally, 44 & # 39; Fertoli asked Carranza to stop him without a low rebound.

The Coyette ended with a headline in wood at 33, just to Purita and a bad exit at Aguerre. Something more Newell was more at this stage. And he could have crystallized it a second time.

The first cry came after a Formica headquarters, with which Fontanini shook his head. The pole turned to one side in a legal position. 1-0 and extra man appeared with gaps and Fydriszewski's man himself, with two frustrated hands, one in 20'e, and the other 29 and managed to throw a title on the board.

A couple of Saints carried the danger by stopping the ball (Aguerre was hesitant at the centers), but with the introduction of Alexis Rodríguez, ñubelista was more touching and two goals came to convict the story: 41, Alexis & # 39; s described the wonders of Fydri; At 44, Rodriguez breached Carranza with a cross.

Newell has won well, but after a very weak year, he will rest a little more comfortably, but in the first part of 2019 he knows it. You need to develop enough to trust again and avoid problems for your average. Tucumanos, however, sank after the euphoria landing zonzines of classic cattle.

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