Saturday , November 28 2020

Ancient Bible City of Sodom Destroyed by Massive Asteroid Explosion, Archaeologists Place

The eruption erased several settlements in an area surrounding the Dead Sea and made it uninhabitable for centuries.

The ancient Bible city of Sodom was not only a real place, it was destroyed by fire from the sky, as the Bible claims. However, this fire came in the form of a al large asteroid explosion ar in the air above the region, as archaeologists have said in a recent controversial article published this week.

As NEWSWEEK Some historians have long believed that there might be something in the Old Testament story of Sodom and Gomorrah. For those who are not familiar, Creation 18-19 describes how God has destroyed them by fire, angry with the wickedness of the people of the two cities. And some serious scientists believed that the cities were destroyed by the wrath of a vengeful god, while some thought that cities could have been made with a meteor strike.

Now, new evidence seems to support this theory.

Phillip Silvia and her team at Southwest University in Albuquerque presented their findings this week to the annual meeting of the School of American Oriental Studies in Denver, Colorado.

Silvia's team, known as Tall El-Hammam, is believed to have been destroyed about 3,700 years ago, and the area known as ı Sodom Hamm, the Dead Sea area, is believed to be a Bronze Age settlement.

The Dead Sea in the Middle East

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Using the radiocarbon appointment, Silvia's team was abandoned until the time of the abandoned Biblical event of the settlement. Perhaps a man heat event “caused by friction or explosion caused by the friction or friction of a meteor in the region warmed the structures on the ground to the point where the bricks were reduced to the ashes. The Time of Israel. Some materials instantly crystallized and the outer parts of some pots were melted into the glass and at the same time an extreme increase in temperature.

The event says that the team of Silivia has also warmed up to the point where the soil is stripped of its nutrients. This would explain why the once evolving settlements would suddenly be abandoned, but returned centuries later.

M The discontinuation of the most fertile agricultural land in the region, which has been supporting the developing civilizations for at least 3,000 years, then resists the investigation of human settlement for a long time, “he said.

Meteors do not have to hit the ground to cause unimaginable destruction. One of the greatest meteorological events taking place on the recorded date contained a meteor (or a comet) exploding in the air instead of hitting the ground. For example, the 1908 Tunguska activity is believed to be due to a space rock that explodes at some altitudes, and in this process tens of thousands of square miles of flatten the forest. Fortunately, it was in a remote area and after this article, it was not believed that it was attributed to any human death.

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