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Amalia Granata and Carla Peterson face a gala for positions on abortion


Amalia Granata is part of celebrities who are opposed to abortion.

The famous women who embraced feminism and the fracture between
Those who define themselves as "pro-life"
The gala, published by Gente magazine, was celebrated on the occasion of its dedication to the "personalities of the year".


Amalia Granata

He was one of the invited guests and was the only figure who decided to go with a blue handkerchief on his wrist as a symbol of indeki two lives sembolü defense.
ideology is against the legalization of the voluntary cessation of pregnancy.

On the other side,

Carla Peterson

and other actresses decided to wear the symbolic green emblem that symbolized the fight that included hundreds of members.
Actrices The Argentinas association works for the recognition of greater rights for women facing a secret abortion.


Amalia Granata

during the program
Afternoon PamelaA producer suggested taking a photo of him next to a photo during the gala.

Carla Peterson

With the different handkerchiefs the panelist agreed to. But it wasn't in the hero's case
100 days to fall in love.

"We were in the basement to take the pictures downstairs and a production company approached me and said: Look, you're wearing a blue handkerchief and a green handkerchief, Carla Peterson, we want to make a symbolic congratulation. Although, you could live together, you could be in the same area and you could take a photo and I said yes, it looked perfect. yaş, Granata said.

Later, the person who suggested sharing the photograph was to consult with Martin Lousteau's wife if he wanted to pose with the panelist. "He came in five minutes and he told me:" Carla doesn't want to take a picture with you. "Then I told him (they were witness to the producer and someone working in the magazine):" Are you aware? "This is not me, what are they?" he complained.

In addition, she added: en What strikes me is that they are feminists or they claim to be feminists, but they always despise feminism, another woman who thinks differently, Ek she said.

In addition, the panelist said that Carla Peterson did not welcome him and that he did not do Jimena Barón, Lali Espósito, Verónica Lozano and Flor de la V. "I told my partner to join me when they invited me (to the magazine party). Actually, no one at the party had welcomed me, Lali didn't meet me, Jimena didn't meet me, and Vero Lozano greeted me, even though I'd gone thousands of times to his show," he said.

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