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Alberto Fernández, etc. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: a survey that measures the pain of the moment by state

Sometimes, Alberto Fernandez Y Horacio Rodríguez Larreta They were even “friends”. It was when they watched their numbers increase rapidly in the first months of the epidemic. But there has been a hiatus, and today, just months after that political honeymoon, the President and the Head of Government faced. Each of its corner is the two best-looking bases of the crack. And how are the numbers between them? One survey you have accessed Clarion he updated the offer. Province by province. And there is no single result.

The poll entering this controversy CB Public ConsultantIs a firm based in Córdoba, which has been publishing a governor rank since May and also the first company to publish Larreta’s national gauge this year. Sergio Massa was included in the evaluation in a poll he conducted in November.

Some general results of the Fernández-Larreta duo:

CB opinion poll image alberto larreta provinces

– In analysis quantitative, win clearly FernándezIt has a better image than Larreta in 19 of the 24 provinces.

– In analysis qualitativepart of it imbalance matched: the head of government rules in many of the largest regions (CABA, Córdoba and Mendoza) and is equal in Buenos Aires, the mother of all wars.

– to him the future, Larreta also a plus points, at least potentially: it can grow because of the higher level of ignorance.

Alberto found his north

The tour of the President’s image, as said before Clarion, had a little well-defined landmarks. A sudden increase in the arrival of coronavirus until it reaches very high numbers; followed by a steady decline until October; and a slight recovery that opened the unknown in November: ¿Fernández Touched the floor Or was this month just a relief?

Numbers of CB Agrees with other consultants on the latest developments. President compared to October Increase in 14 counties and down at 10. He’s still the leader of the best-image Frente de Todos, far above Massa and Cristina Kirchner.

The best in terms of appearance and arguably “extraordinary” shows it in the North. In Chaco, highest score in favor of Fernández with 73.4%. It exceeds 60 points in the other five provinces of the region: Santiago del Estero (65.6%), Catamarca (63.5%), Formosa (63.2%), Misiones (62.6%) and La Rioja (69.2%). He has very positive figures in Neuquén (68.2%), La Pampa (68.1%) and San Juan (65.3%).

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner at the Congress on March 1.  The president has a better image than his deputy.

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner at the Congress on March 1. The president has a better image than his deputy.

Worst of all, on the contrary, the President is suffering in some of the largest and most urban areas in the center of the country. There are three that almost compete as the “capital of anti-Kirchnerism”: CABA, Córdoba and Mendoza, provinces only Where Fernández image difference is negative.

1) In the city, 35.9% unites in favor and 61.2% against.

2) In Córdoba with + 38.3% – 58.1%.

3) In Mendoza, -57.3% to + 40.2%.

In his favor and unlike Cristina, the President positive balance in Buenos aires (+ 59.4% and -37.4%) and Santa fe (+ 53.6% and -41.8%).

Larreta points to the Center

The image of the head of government in Buenos Aires is a resist that of the President when confronted; but they have Common points when analyzed within their own space (Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio).

Where do opposite aspects of the same phenomenon arise? In Central provinces where anti-Kirchnerism hit the most; and in some northern provinces, traditionally Peronists and resistant to macroism.

In the first group Three of the five provinces where Larreta defeated Fernández. It is the same thing that the president has a negative image difference. There, the head of government is showing very good numbers.

– It is the highest positive (65.7%) province in the district it manages. Complete with 33.8% negative.

– In Córdoba, + 60.8% and + 25.7% are collected.

– + 52.7% and -31% in Mendoza.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri.  The head of government has a better image than the President.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri. The head of government has a better image than the President.

He too head of government reigns About the president Santa fe (+ 54.7% and -32.2%) and Jujuy (+ 58.4% and -20.1%). And although lower, Buenos Aires (58.1% and -37.2%), Corrientes (+ 56.8% and -30.5%) and La Pampa (+ 56.8% and -30, 2%).

For her moderate styleLarreta is doing well in the provinces where Mauricio Macri has insisted on strong rejection. A clear example is Santiago del Estero: The head of government is 55.6% positive and the former president 76.8% negative.

This somehow Equals with FernándezCapturing support for Cristina, refractory areas. The most emblematic situation is Santa Cruz, where the head of government and President are almost in favor (around 55%) and scored around 12 points from the former president.

In favor of the head of government, there is a lower level of knowledge than Fernández’s. Potentially, it has room to grow. In the survey CB There were provinces they consulted for his figure and 30% was in “ns / nc” (Catamarca). Only two in Buenos Aires this item ended up under the double digit.

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