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After an argument, sportsman Jennifer Dahlgren wore an elegant dress at the G20 party – 01/12/2018


G20's gala party at Teatro Colón on Friday night despite the presence of many luxury guests Jennifer DahlgrenThe Argentine Olympic representative in the hammer throw was particularly special.

The athlete recently condemned it to the public. I didn't get a dress from his body Participate in the claim that makes it visible as a constant problem for the party and for a large part of it, Viral is gone.

finally, Santiago Artemis, the prominent pop star designer, offered to make her dress. And Dahlgren might like that. Nude red, bare arm and long on the groundDahlgren's. Original Artemis mas was also a more or less challenging challenge of a war than any high-performance competition. A photo shoot in front of Columbus, Our 34-year-old athlete showed this with pride.

On November 8, he had made a strong refusal of responsibility in social networks for the discrimination he had suffered when buying clothes. "120-100-115 again outside the borders. And I'm disappointed with everything, crying in my car, sharing a photo of his pain in Twitter.

The message was quickly replicated throughout the network, the media echoed, and designer Santiago Artemis announced his help to everyone: tasarımcı I've seen you, the treasure! Il He wrote in his reply to Twitter.

On Sunday, Dahlgren was present on the Mirtha Legrand program, which he referred in depth to the problem of not finding it tall: "There is a distorted perception of what is acceptable to the body.. As a girl I went to the pool and left my shirt for insecurity. De In Instagram, geçir he said, işt I think I've got a lot of things, This happens to me and I feel like going back to zero".

In other tweets, the athlete looked at what it means to live without a chance to choose how to wear it freely. "I can't remember what I've had in my life I stopped looking at the stained glass windows, because I stopped being in love with the clothes I saw. I've learned they're never going to get me"The cascade of support messages flooded the Internet and Dahlgren thanked everyone who shared this claim.

Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Artemis, an Argentine designer for Lali Esposito, were the key to a positive approach to the story. Not for nothing, the expression of the head of this young fashion academy "do not have time for shame".

Santiago Artemis, fashion fashion designer.

Santiago Artemis, fashion fashion designer.

Dahlgren, who is also the ambassador of Inadi and who defines his body as a body positive and anti-bullying isi has shown a claim based on close to 20 thousand followers, the same claim of many people and at the same time unlawful: the size of clothes does not match.

A few days later, Inadi had held a meeting to cope with the conflict-building problem for years, because there were very few clothing brands that for years had been lawful and offered options for any body.

Although the anecdote has a happy ending, the athlete points out that the problem is far deeper and predicts that he will continue to fight to make this discriminatory movement visible.

In the country There are 12 valid laws availableHowever, they do not guarantee that companies can make clothes according to different body tissues.

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