Wednesday , December 2 2020

AFA & # 39; s video eaten like a balloon

One year after the presidential elections in Argentina, the AFA defeats the final between Copa Libertadores and River and Boca as a ballotage. In a spotlight this is

On social networks on Thursday, this match paralyzed the Argentines on Saturday (November 17th).

"Argentine soccer balloon", Carlitos Tevez announced in front of the camera. As with the first leg, when Pity Martinez and Darío Benedetto supported the match in the Bombonera with emotional video, the AFA formula repeated and chose the town.

What's special about Carlos Tevez's T-shirt in Monumental Superfinal

During the one-minute and 12-second promotion, Compared with superfinal with an option. ”They were connected in the first round vard, vard campaigns were good”, any there was a discussion ”and ları there is no kept survey“.

Among the benefits of Boca, while Tevez, who is the & player of the city ürk, boasted the presence of River Marcelo Gallardo, "the strategist who never closes the list".

"The ban has been removed, not allowing you to talk about anything other than Boca-River. There is a balloon in football and it is determined who will manage the next years."AFA announces the video of Carlos Tevez and Pity Martínez president Claudio Tapia with a message called" Disfrutala ".

AFA's emotional video outlining an unexplained feeling


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