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Adonis Stevenson is fighting for his life after receiving a hard knockout and losing his world title – 02/12/2018


Canadian boxer of Haitian origin, Adonis Stevenson, it is Critical situation after losing with knockout In the eleventh round of the World Boxing Council (WBC) fight for the belt of light weight.

Yvon MichelOn Sunday, a boxing organizer issued a tweet stating that Stevenson was in the intensive care unit and asked her to respect the privacy of her family.

Ukraine Oleksandr Gvozdyk On Saturday night, he knocked Stevenson off the crown of the eleventh lap of his fight and took the crown.

Stevenson, 41, was placed on a stretcher after the race. Ambulance with her Videotron Center Quebec City

Warrior resident in Montreal In 2013, he defended his own belt during a match against Chad Dawson.. He was leading the scores of two referees and was knocked out by the third card when it came to knockout.

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