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Add products from the Christmas basket to the prices Caring for the impact of inflation


The government wants to include in the program Prices Christmas basket care products For the purpose of year-end celebration, the consumer's pocket of inflation with the aim of cash. Official sources said the measure, which will be announced next week, is trying to offer lower prices than the market average and to offer multiple options per category for consumers.

As you know isNot to be declared a basket or a combo, but the inclusion of typical products such as nougat or sweet bread. According to official estimates, at least the items that are part of the program 15 percent cheaper non-existent This allows customers to compare and select the best option for their financial capabilities.

Less than a month to celebrate the end of the year, Supermarket shelves were already full of products in the Christmas basket and prices were filled with inflation: on average, everything comes out 46% more expensive than December 2017according to a survey pipe. In this sense, preservatives, jams and sodas in the list of expensive products rank first: Get over 70%.

The Government intends to include the Products from the Christmas basket in Carried Prices.
The Government intends to include the Products from the Christmas basket in Carried Prices.

Confectionery and garraps are products that reach (and exceed) this barrier. one over This increased by $ 78 to 78%, and the price is now $ 25. Confectionery, previously shown at $ 19, leaves $ 33 today. For his part, a Leading brand peanut nougat The next Christmas cost $ 14 (Georgalos) now comes to $ 22.50 dollars. This increase (more than 60%) from $ 21 to $ 34 & # 39; A leaping peanut dessert looks like. Sweet breads do not fall below 70 dollars, and in some cases 100 grams are less likely to occur.

For dinner opens a list of tuna and meat, increases. The tuna girl La Campagnola was $ 49 and now can exceed $ 106. Cooked ham increased by 47% and the whole chicken jumped by 55%. The roast kilogram reached $ 200 and pothole weight for 280 pesos per pound.

Strong increases in the Christmas basket products.
Strong increases in the Christmas basket products.

Midnight arrival It will also be expensive. Pineapple pie Del Valle $ 48 from $ 74 & # 39; a (54%) was output. And champagne grew by 37%. It will be the most difficult for those who prefer to celebrate with soda. Medium Coca Cola (2.25 liters) costs $ 94 and 7 UP $ 71.50. In the past, 3 dollars Pepsi of $ 59 went to 96 dollars (63%). And the 1.5-liter Mirinda from $ 24 to almost $ 51 & # 39; a (112%) increased.

Against Rises

Some supermarket chains They already started the Christmas boxes at a cost of $ 200. There are $ 199 boxes in Coto, including pineapple basil, nougat, praline, candies, sweet bread and pudding. The most accessible combo at Jumbo, Disco and Vea is $ 169: includes peanut dessert, praline, peanut nougat and cider. $ 349 and the most complete, $ 699 is another intermediate option allocated.

Carrefour's supermarket offers a $ 195 green bottle, a peanut dessert, a nougat, a praline, a pudding and a sweet bread. Although this year's most economical option is the Walmart and Changomas chains, they are all boxed in blue, which also includes a sweet bakery, a pudding, two nougat, a packet of pralines and a cider, all worth $ 149.

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