Friday , October 22 2021

A test can detect cancer cells in just ten minutes


scientists University of Queensland, Australia, developed a test detect cancer cells within ten minutes and make the initial diagnosis faster.

He served to analyze differences in research. DNA cancer cells. This test takes only about ten minutes and its result can be seen at a glance.

In all mature human cells, DNA carries modifications created by a process called "genetically programmed methylation", so that "genomic information in cancer cells" significant different from healthy cells. "

The team, led by scientist Matt Trau, found that the difference in the methylation process of cancer cells affects the properties of DNA.

The jurisprudence published in Nature Communications was carried out with 103 human DNA samples; 31 of them were from healthy people.

Researchers stressed that this is in development can only detect the presence of cancer cells, the type or stage of the disease and more detailed analysis for a more detailed analysis will be required.

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