Wednesday , November 25 2020

A teenager was shot at a graduation party: the driver was looking for

A 16-year-old girl was rescued by a miracle after her driver had escaped and graduated by a car she'd now wanted.

Last Friday, the episode took place outside dawn at Quinta Fermina, in Acceso Sur and Araoz, Luján de Cuyo. Students from the Antonio Tomba school celebrated their graduates' parties. Suddenly, a gray Carcatcher flowed at full speed between several people and ran to Lucilla, a 16-year-old girl invited to the party.

According to the first information, everything in the room began when Lucila 's ex-boyfriend and a tense feud between the two boys who were aggressive. After he was evacuated from the building, the incidents continued outside. "My daughter separates them, one becomes angry and drunk in her car and starts against the people who are directly there." Most managed to run, but Lucila did not, and the vehicle touched him, then disappeared. MDZ Laura Musri is the mother of the young woman.

Young people suffered from a headache that caused unconsciousness for more than five minutes, lesions such as bruises on the hips and legs, and sprains on the face and neck in addition to spraining on her left hand. Although he was under control, he had to be moved by ambulance to the Central Hospital where he had spent hours in the afternoon until he was discharged. Iyor He continues with the headache and is emotionally affected,, Musri said.

Currently, the identity of the person who handles the Gray Target is not known. Lucila's mother said her daughter could not identify the attacker. The images taken at the time of the accident do not permit explicit verification of the vehicle's patent, although the vehicle has certain features that may be useful.

Musri said that only one of the guests had given a possible name to pass over the daughter, and that other witnesses would point to the same person, ini but we don't know for sure that this is really the same. Mus

The complaint was filed by the family of young people in Carrodilla's 14th Financial Department.


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