Sunday , August 1 2021

A superhero honored Stan Lee at Hollywood

United States (CNN) – Apparently there's no star in Hollywood, Stan Lee, a comic book legend.

After his death, this Monday, at the age of 95, began screaming at the man who gave life to the imaginary world the Marvel Universe.

Robert Downey Jr.

"I owe you everything, the yacht in peace

Chris Evans

"There'il never be another Stan Lee." For decades, adventures, adventures, comfort, trust, inspiration, power, friendship and joy have been given to young people and adults, leaving an indelible mark on love, courtesy and life.

Zoe Saldaña

"Today we lost one of the greats, an inspiration and a super hero for all of you, thank you for contributing so much and offering us something to inspire!"

Ryan Reynolds

"Thanks for everything, Stan."

Tom Holland

Huzur We owe this man how many million people owe him, not on anybody. Ins Marvel's father has made so many people incredibly happy that we have survived, what we have done, and in peace, Stan. "

Hugh Jackman

Inden We have lost a creative genius, Stan Lee was a pioneer in the universe of superheroes, proud of being a small part of his legacy and helping him realize one of his characters. “

Jaimie Alexander

"RIP Stan Lee, thanks for everything. #Excelsior"

Joss Whedon

"Stan Lee has created a character, if a character is loved enough, they would never really die.

Now that's what's going to happen.

Thank you so much for my life.

Mark Hamill

"His contribution to pop culture was revolutionary and couldn't be overcome, that's what I expected, and MORE, I loved this guy and I'll never miss him, you should never come across with an idol from childhood."

Bob Iger, president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company

. Stan Lee was as unusual as the characters he had created – Marvel's fans around the world were a superhero in his own right, Stan had the power to inspire, entertain, and tie. The scale of his imagination is only at its heart. "

Kevin Feige, Head of Marvel Studios

"Nobody had more influence than we did in my career and everything we did in Marvel Studios, as Stan Lee Stan didn't leave an extraordinary legacy that left us all behind olağanüstü Our thoughts are with his daughter, his family, and his millions of fans."

Tom Pictures, Moving Pictures Group President of Sony Pictures Entertainment

"The original and the genius are two words commonly used in today's world, but Stan was both persuasive and irreplaceable, we all lost a true superhero, we'll miss Stan Lee."

Stan Lee's CEO Shane Duffy! entertainment

"Lee's Pow!" We are saddened by Stan Lee of the loss of his father, our friend and mentor, whose death was a destructive and painful moment over time, but the legacy of Stan Lee. The creativity and characters will continue to reach the world of true believers for generations.

"Our thoughts and prayers have been an honor to work for him, not just with his family and his followers, but with a real pioneer as he compared it to a friend who made the world a better place." said in a statement.

Kevin Smith

"Thank you, Stan, not only the child I am, but also the man I am today, you have a great power and you have always been responsible, you have been the inspiration for billions of imaginative people who know your name, the stars.

Seth Rogen

”Thank you, Stan Lee, for realizing that they are special for people who feel different.“

Dwayne Johnson

"What man, what life.

When I first entered Hollywood, he welcomed me with a clear gun and clever advice that I would always take seriously.

A real symbol that influences generations around the world.

Rest, my friend.

Jimmy Kimmel

. When I was 7, I drew this strange Stan Lee portrait and asked her to send it in. Fortunately, she didn't because I gave her everything after 30 years, thanks, Stan.

Winston Duke

Un Thank you, Stan Lee gave us the characters who continued our time test and evolved with our conscience, as long as we were able to reach our imagination, they taught us that there were no limits to our future.

Rob Zombie

Elon Musk

"Keep your peace, Stan Lee, the worlds of imagination and joy that you have created for mankind."

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