Friday , December 3 2021

A study associates long-life coffee consumption


Spanish scientists have confirmed that drinking enough coffee is significantly associated with a lower death rate for all reasons.

A new study confirms the link between coffee consumption and longevity. Studies by Spanish scientists have found that drinking coffee is often associated with lower mortality rates. The effect is observed in coffees with coffee and decaffeinated coffee; Soluble and machine

Scientists from the Biomedical Research Center of the Obesity and Nutrition Network have been found to last longer than 20,000 volunteers, university graduates from all over Spain for ten years. According to the study, protection was the strongest in people aged 55 and over and tended to have a clear dose response of between 1 and 6 cups per day.

The cardiologist and author of the study, Adela Navarro, is already known in the long term that there is no risk of high blood pressure. Uz We now see clear benefits from all causes of the risk of death. This supports the benefits of their consumption. "


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