Tuesday , October 19 2021

A Spanish newspaper columnist: "We will continue to play football"


Moving to Madrid, the Superfinal continues to give the questions of cutting material and the addition of Conmebol's decision by the Argentineans to a well-known Spanish media, accompanied by an editorial polemic.

. We will continue to play football; we will continue this way and continue to play the illusions and even the spirits m, warning that Cristina Cubero analyzed everything around the definition of Copa Libertadores, signed by the Mayor of Mundo Deportivo.

The deputy environment manager refers to the sport and violence in the courts as well as the economic context. "Everyone is profitable, less popular, less amazed, less consumed, and dwarf Argentina, becoming vulnerable, the third world," he says.

”Fay lies because she doesn't imply that Mauricio Macri is playing or not playing in Buenos Aires, she's lying with bugs, standing rivers and Boca presidents because they have the responsibility and power to do it,“ he said. journalist.

Full editorial:

We'il keep playing. Continue in this way, to despise your abilities, to surrender, to surrender to silver, to want to be like them. Go ahead and continue to play the illusions and even the soul. Football is a value that makes Argentina a flag. A country with creativity only in vessels gives birth to Maradona and Messi, and only discusses what is best in history, if Diego or the first person we capture can get medical treatment in Barcelona.

The G-20 passed through Buenos Aires and nothing happened. But football is a more productive, more valuable gift, a good thing to trade. We have stolen it, and they're all together, and they're all profitable, less human, less admirable, less consumed and dwarf than Argentina, the third world defenseless.

In the Libertadores final, a Superclásico, a Boca river in Monumental, the most important title of South America, jealous of the world, Real Madrid-FC Barcelona, ​​where we never met in the Champions final, determined all the matches. … and we're busy at their nose, and they say they're all your mistakes, they're not prepared … And those who want to raise their voices are traveling to Madrid to stay at a super luxury hotel. See how beautiful the capital is with Christmas lights.

The mistake is to throw a stone into the bus of Boca. is not a stupid river fan who is a government crime. The mistake lies in that the party does not understand that there is a chance to live. The error is Mauricio Macri, because he played or not played in Buenos Aires. The mistake lies with the unedged river and the Boca presidents. Because they have the responsibility and the power to do it. Conmebol was sold because it is a luxurious and organized box with the stadium of Santiago Bernabéu, where we will quote from the rich to see a denaturalized show in the photo. We'il keep playing. Football and even spirits.

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