Saturday , December 4 2021

A shocking facial transplant that changes the life of a young man trying to commit suicide


Young American Cameron Underwood struck his face in an attempt suicide in 2016but two years later transplant She's changed her life and looks amazing.

Following the episode that took his life under control, the young man underwent the first surgery, which left him in the maxillary region and with pardon. He hurt most of his lower jaw, almost toothless or without a nose. As a result, liquid diet

With the support and support of his family and experts, Cameron chose his own life again and waited long on a consultation, surgeries and above all, the face of the donor. He found the surgeon on that call. Eduardo RodríguezHe had made a graft that changed him forever.

The surgery was performed last January and required more than 100 doctors to be involved in the study without rest for 25 hours. For the operation, a 3D printed mask was used on the face of the donor, among other things. After ten months of recovery, Cameron showed his radical transformation and was grateful to the surgeon who told him it was his guardian angel.

"I'm so grateful for a face transplant because he gives me a second chance in life" recently voiced.

Face transmitter Fisher willAt the age of 23, he was a chess champion, enthusiastic writer and filmmaker. . My son's death was a tragedy, ı said Will's mother, Sally, as the BBC reported.

She said, bilir In fulfilling his decision, we can give life to others, especially Will and Dr. I am grateful that Rodriguez gave Cameron and his family the opportunity to save their dreams. Rod

"I don't think I could have gotten rid of Will's death, if it wasn't for Cameron. Cameron took all her life in front of her and I love the idea that Will helps her to have a better life, Cam she added.

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