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A player was riding a bicycle, a car opened the door, did not dodge, fell off the tarmac and was killed by a truck – 07/12/2018


He parked his pram and opened the door without looking back, and this movement triggered a tragedy. His bike was a 28-year-old actor and a theater teacher, Estefanía, who bent the handlebars to avoid diversion, almost reflexively. But it didn't reach him. The coup against the car's door destabilized her, causing her to fall on the tarmac and rolled a truck from the same direction. The young woman later died of moments.

Estefania Moreno was an actor. He was a professor of theater and 28 years old.

Estefania Moreno was an actor. He was a professor of theater and 28 years old.

The two drivers parked Fiat Palio a few minutes ago, and the girl dropped due to carelessness and the driver of the 64-year-old Mercedes-Benz rider started to run through it. prosecutor charged with "guilty murder" by Pablo Cistoldi.

The unfortunate incident took place in the center of Mar del Plata on Wednesday afternoon. Estefania Moreno was riding his bike through the Hipolito Yrigoyen Street two blocks from the City Hall and through Belgrano to the Fiat Palio Gate. Everything happened suddenly. He fell and the truck driver couldn't avoid it. None of the men showed positive results for BAC..

The kez NIA olarak for her friends was the first time she would perform as a theater teacher in the Dramatic Art Municipal School and as the premiere singer of the Gregorio Nachman chamber next year in the Auditorium Theater.

"Naya was killed in a ridiculous tragedy", told the news portal 0223 young woman's friend and friend Carla Areta. In They killed him from the unconscious, dış he said, explaining that there would be a bicycle ride through the place where he lost his life this afternoon. He will be in memory of Nia, but will also warn of the danger of running anyone who uses the bicycle as a means of transport.

The meeting will be at the Plaza Miter in 18th. Areta, "very risky because the car is very risky, we live in a very severe society," he said.

Mar del Plata Corresponsalía.

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