Saturday , October 23 2021

A moving tribute to Ricardo Fort with the words of ShowMatch and Tinelli: "He's in his children"


Mica Viciconte praised Bailando's exjurado. View of Martita and Felipe Fort.

Emotional respect to Ricardo Fort in ShowMatch

There was a night of intense emotions. showmatch when Mica Viciconte Sincerely chose to pay Ricardo Fort on the way to gain popularity. Martita and Felipe Fort they thanked their father for tribute and Gustavo Martínez He was one of the most sensitive.

Gustavo Martínez: "I give them my life, my father lost many of his children, he preferred a family and he founded a family, but he was gone, that hurt me, he could not love children".

"The TV is not the same without her. For example, when a skip to the studio starts to sing and sang, or when the president speaks," Felipe said from a video next to her sister. Life is so beautiful, so crazy. We went to Marta from one day to the next, and took us back and forth in Roll Royce, "Marta, after choreographing Viciconte María Fernanda Callejón and Celeste Muriega.

Be sensitive, Gustavo Martínez broken by memory: "I give them my life. Too bad for your father lost too many children. He chose a family and started a family, but he left.

Tinelli: "There is Ricardo, and I see them, and I have seen care and love, no one has seen me come in the morning with the boys. He has lost," he says, "all lovers in these creatures is very beautiful." # 39; & # 39 ;.

But Tinelli promised to encourage Ricardo's children's trainer and the old singer of the deceased singer: "I can change your look, because life can be seen in two perspectives.

"Ricardo is in them and I see them. I saw care and love, no one told me. I saw her reaching the man in the morning," the driver said. His father is in them. More than ır Look at what has been lost, tı ”look at all the love that these creatures have left behind.

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