Saturday , July 2 2022

A crazy Saturday chronicle: aggression to Boca postponement


Boca's team didn't come to the River court for the best. There were attacks on the campus just a few blocks from the stadium: they threw stones in bulk, and even gas. The game was going to play at the age of 17, but several players were postponed after the attacks Pablo Pérez, Captain and reference to Boca. After several speculations, Conmebol confirmed that the game was played after 19.15. However, at 19:30 on Sunday morning at 05.00 to go..

PérezOne of the possible owners was transferred to the hospital for eye injury. Then he returned to the stadium and was told he would start. in the middle Carlos Tevez warns He felt compelled to play the game.

Before the game was approved, Conmebol's doctors "confirmed" that there were no injuries that prevented Boca players from playing.

There were meetings Alejandro Domínguez, Head of Conmebol and Gianni Infantino, Owner of FIFA. Also club presidents Rodolfo Donofrio and Daniel Angelici, respectively River and Boca.

And even they didn't want to play the game, but they played in the end, but everything changed at 19.30. .

What happened

While Boca Juniors micro took stone and shells fired by some River Plate fans coming to the Monumental stadium today, some players were affected by the gasses that the police had taken to disperse the attackers.

Boca's microcontroller arrived at the avenue del Libertador, where he met local people who had different strengths and shattered them, and the security forces pressed sympathizers with gases, which impressed the actors. have visitors.

Carlos Tevez, Cristian Espinoza and Mauro Zarate were among the most affected, as Nahitan Nández was angry about the problems that were coming when he had difficulty breathing and itching in the throat.

"They are sons of bitches," he shouted at the Uruguayan Niley, accompanied by other participants with a barely breathing Tevez.

From the moment she entered the dressing room, which was a red-peppered and obvious expression of anger, she said, "They threw pepper gas."

In contrast, midfielder Pablo Perez and defender Carlos Izquierdoz conceded that they threw "everything" into the microenvironment. After a statement to the media, Perez struck the door of the locker room with a clear rage.

Meanwhile, coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto has taken a cough and failed to testify before the media.

As a deputy chairman of Horacio Paolini, Boca was held responsible for "liberating the region" and opposed the "failure" of the operation in the area near the stadium.

. It's hard to explain what happened, because it was a confusing event, because before the attacks we took, the security guards decided to throw tear gas and as a result some players were impressed, ığ explained the former club's secretary general, ayd xeneize karıştırıcı César Martucci, in contact with the press.

. I can't give details about the status because before the players come to the stadium, “he said.

Then there are events in the neighborhoods … and this game is played on Sunday at 17.

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