Friday , October 22 2021

A bold bar to drive from Argentina to Argentina


Until two days are over Copa Libertadores de Amrica between River Plate and Boca Juniors. decision CONMEBOL transport Superclsico for Madrid It seems to be a good decision in terms of security. Is it in EspaÃSo far, they have shown that they will not bow to the pressure of violent bars or violent fans. After deportation Maximiliano Mazzaro (One of the factions of Xeneize's "La 12"), the justice of the European country will do the same thing as the Millionaire's crime.

This is Christian Ghisletti arrested at Barajas Airport. La Banda & # 39; s brave bells tonight, the hero is a criminal record and is not allowed to enter our country gyms will be driven to Argentina. In the next few hours this action is expected to be repeated with more than ten people.

In June 2007, the brave corpse of the Christian – River, along with other statements – participated in the "Battle of the Quinchos", where the violence occurred at the Monumental Stadium. They all had a queue because there was a violent interior among some people who were part of the group called 'Drunken Management'. There were too many shots in this fight and as a result three people were included (Ghisletti was one of them). Months later, individuals gave a declaration of research and soon after, they were on trial for minor injuries.

The purpose of the security operation in Spain is to prevent events between the ün heavy weights “of each club. For this reason, immigration authorities decided to block Madrid's entry into Madrid with people with a history of sports events. "The deportation has a legal regulation, it can be brought to the limits set by this law, it can be deported under conditions such as Maximiliano Mazzaro or Christian Ghisletti."

So far, the situation in Madrid seems to be going in the right direction. Polica de Espaa spokesman Serafn Giraldo, Mazzaro and Ghisletti had anticipated the realization of cases such as: "One thing they can leave their country, but the other is to allow Spain to enter." We are used to dealing with this class. of fans

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