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5 reasons to believe that Carlos Tevez will start at Superfinal against River

Final line before the game. The mouth will perform the last two trainings before defeating the Superfinal de la Libertadores and will define the starting eleven. The injury of Cristian Pavón probably overturned his plans by considering this appointment, but it is true that he had the spare material as a spare. And one of them is Carlos Tevez, who is on the list of concentrates.

apache He entered the first leg as a companion and came last Saturday with Super League, where he started his football matches against Patronato. In the attack, the twin exists as a fixed piece Wanchope And the question will be to know who will accompany him. between Carlitos and Darío Benedetto can leave the name, but we should not even prevent a cover or even a change of plan.

What is concrete is that Tevez's surname, trajectory, titles, and history all have their own weight in the face of all opponents of life. Only Barros remains convinced Schelotto.

The last stage of Boca has captured Tevez from 34 years of age since he is the most experienced on campus. He was always at the forefront and continued to hold his own as a team. According to the level of football, he had adapted to the squad. In some games he made a substitution (he suffered in the group against Palmeiras in Brazil), and his support of silence was believed to be vital in the dressing room by dressing up for most of his teammates. The insult to Izboydoz, after 2-22, together with the river leading to Bombonera, revealed him as a singer at the top of the season. The fact that he hosted a dinner on his house last Tuesday is another example of how relevant the team is.

During the course of the season, the commitments were not regular, but they joined the last three of Boca. He turned into a double against Tigre in a 4-1 victory and was set to 1-0 on Saturday (according to Patronato (both in Superman and Bombonera). No doubt, for the first leg of the final of the Libertadores, the good image left in the Superclásico for 18 minutes opened a door to enter the start-up series of the match in Monumental. Tevez came and even had a direct effect on the scoreboard: first with a magnificent personal maneuver where he attempted through the door of the big field and then faced with Armani Benedetto when his wife died. . He served as a midfielder with Pablo Pérez on one leg.

The personal relationship of Apache and Wanchope is known. In fact, Carlitos was one of the sponsors of the old Hurricane to bring the institution to the city. Monumental & # 39; s possibility to start from scratch, Mona Jiménez and Ulises Bueno will test the pair of supporters. Cunning can create a tear on the last line of the river, as is the case in the match played in Bombonera. In addition, this will allow Darío Benedetto – the first leg against Cruzeiro since it is not a start for Libertadores – the complementary (or prolonging) will enter the new and may be decisive in the last minutes of Superfinal.

Carlitos, 2002 for Apertura in Núñez Boca de Oscar Washington Tabárez'ın Chelo Delgado & # 39; After this joy, he played a match that would be remembered forever and left him with a bitter taste: the 2-1 defeat of the day of “gallinita tat in the semi-finals of“ Libertadores Bu. Tevez scored a partial equation that left Carlos Bianchi's squad to the Cup final, but his batting at the celebration was spotted by the referee Hector Baldassi and deported. Finally, Xeneize won the penalty kick. It is another fall for the 2004 Apertura (2-0), a victory for the 2015 Championship (1-0, Nicolás Lodeiro), a draw for the 2016 Championship (0-0) and a desperate victory at his last visit to Monumental. won: 4-2 was also a big figure in Walter Bou and Ricardo Centurión's goals.

"The obsession with winning the trophy is something that makes me so hungry, I want to win and I can retire in a big way, what I imagine and what I want, what I want and I think I've retired, I have nothing left to fight, what I want and sleep." Tevez & # 39 This statement was made shortly after his return to the club in March this year. She recorded five local and three international titles with her Boca t-shirt. On Saturday, you will have the chance to prove the possibility of winning the ninth in the club and playing the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. At the beginning of your head, the idea of ​​hanging boots at the end of the year and the result of your professional career may be the dreams of every player. There are no other players with more desires to be more successful than him.

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