Tuesday , March 2 2021

& # 39; perfect & # 39; InSight Craft Goes Down to Mars

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A NASA spacecraft designed to study the interior of Mars, a dangerous and supersonic plunge into the red sky after landing on the planet, and 160 million kilometers to reach the space white-pseudo-suspended waits for scientists to establish. . NASA's flight controllers in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California were screaming, dancing and cuddling after InSight had learned that Mars was the home to many missions. "Touchdown approved!" A flight controller was called just before 18:00, when the space flight took six minutes to descend, instantly eliminating anxiety that grasped the control room. Due to the distance between the Earth and Mars, it took eight minutes for the confirmation of a pair of small satellites following InSight during the six-month 480 million-mile journey. The two satellites not only conveyed the good news in real time, but also returned the first snapshot of Mars in just four minutes after the descent of InSight. The picture was stained with dirt because the dust cover was still on the land camera, but the land around the spacecraft seemed to be smooth and sandy, with only one large rock visible. NASA – in fact, the eighth successful descent in Mars since the 1976 Viking probes of mankind, and the first in six years. In NASA's curiosity scene from 2012, there is still movement on Mars. . Perfect i announced Japp's lead engineer, Rob Manning. In1ight, an international project of US1 billion dollars (A1.4 billion dollars), includes a German mechanical mole that will go down five meters to measure the internal temperature of Mars. InSight has not yet left the forest: NASA waited for the word Monday to see if the vital solar panels of the spaceship had been successful. The panels must be opened to produce power; otherwise, the task is a bust. The next few "left" or – 24-hour Martian days, 39 minutes – flight controllers will also assess the health of all the key robot arms and its science tools in InSight. This time, NASA went on an old, simple approach, using parachute and braking engines to accelerate InSight, which reached a speed of 19,800 km / h after drilling the Mars atmosphere. The danger was that the spacecraft could burn or return in the atmosphere. The three-legged InSight is located on the west side of the Elysium Planitia, the flatland NASA targets. The 360 ​​kilogram of InSight is stable and will run from the same point for the duration of a Mars year over the next two years. Australia Associated Press


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