Saturday , July 2 2022

34. Tragedy on the Road: Three women died in a sinister way


one tourism company community collision with U wanted to open the carAccording to police sources. Activity will be realized Route 34within walking distance Intersection with Route 11More precisely, in the height of the town of La Tijera in Santiago.

In principle, three women lost their lives. They are made on board Citron C4 Do not want to bend in U.

Union Jocoli tourism company in Salta provinceThey were traveling around Bolivia with survivors. The driver of the microfar was completed with a traumatism in the left shoulder.

The deadly victims were trapped between the twisted bars of the vehicle.

Small wheeled car driven Cecilia Roco Montero (38)traveling company Stella Maris Mussin (55) and Mara Celeste Monteros (30). The head of the division was the native of the city of Reconquista. General Obligado in Santa Fe.

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