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33. Pearls released by Mar del Plata Film Festival


The 33rd edition of the Mar de Plata International Film Festival ended. Face-film representation, actors like star participation Pierre Richard and Jean-Pierre Léaud or as directors Lea Carax and Lucrecia MartelThe presence of Argentine glasses world and international premieres Rome between Alfonso Cuarón They made the meeting a real success. Infoba to During the week of the festival, he was in the coastal town, from 10th to 17th November, taking note of the most relevant moments.

Free movies on Sunday

This year, the Film Festival lasted less than expected. But the organization has found a way to make up: Design winning films free of charge during Sunday. This makes it the best choice for the festival in Mar del Plata.

Awarded among those awarded Between two waterThe winner of the best international competition film, and Soft rains in the futureArgentine Iván Fund. You will also have an opportunity to see Boy meets girl, the first film Lea Caraxor clothA horror story that pleases the public. Although the best option is probably Black Tree, from Máximo Ciambella and Damián ColuccioThe winner of the best film award of the Argentine competition, presents a Qom shepherd story and has impressive visuals.

Screenings will be held at the Auditorium, Mar Museum, Ambassador and Los Gallegos Cinema Halls. The tickets will be removed from the room at 10 am in the room corresponding to each function, except for the Mar Museum, which will give tickets one hour before the film starts.
All programs can be consulted to the festival program.

France was a country of honor during this repression, and the tribute payment made it a symbol. nouvelleThe most recognizable of the comedy and its present directors: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Pierre Richard and Lea CaraxThey were all honored with retrospective and awards for their careers, respectively.
Léaud is remembered for his role as Antoine Doinel in the first feature. François Truffaut, 400 hitsHas become a cult figure for jobs like Carax Bad Blood and Pont Neuf's lovers. For him Richard has been making the French people a laugh for the last few years.

In parallel Lucrecia Martel – also made a workshop and talked about gender in the world of cinema – also received an award for his career. Mark Berger, Fran Healy, Valeria Sarmiento, Don McKellar and Patricia Mazuy They were the other heroes of the festival.

For gender equality in cinema

During the film's meeting, the first Film and Gender Perspective Forum was held and resulted in the closing of the Closing and Parity Regulation by the Art Director of the festival. Cecilia BarrionuevoVice-President of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Art (INCAA) Fernando Juan Lima.

According to the document, the festival undertakes to compile disaggregated gender statistics to make women's work visible, to publicize the members of the election and programming committees, and to create a calendar of changes to obtain parity.

Similar letters were accepted by festivals such as Cannes and San Sebastián, which were run by the #MeToo campaign. From the forum, such as participants Lucrecia Martel, Florence Etcheves, Franco-Colombian Laura Huertas Millán, Mercedes Morán and Maite Lanata.

Opening function Dream Florianópolisdirector Ana Katzwas one of the most acclaimed of the entire festival. The Argentine film presents a separate couple and two young children on vacation to Florianópolis. The grace of history falls to all common places of a typical middle class family of nineties. The comedy was warmly greeted by the public, who filled the 200 seats of the auditorium theater. Paradoxically, in the same scenario, just a few minutes ago, there was a boos in the Secretary of Culture, Pablo Avellutomade his speech at the opening of the festival.

ARA San Juan a praise

On November 15, the ARA San Juan launched an additional legacy on the day of the loss of one-year contact loss. "The Mar del Plata International Film Festival recalls the 44 heroes of ARA San Juan, and embraces their families and the city of Mar del Plata," said the white letters on a black background. Two days later, the city and the country awoke with the news of the submarine. "We are at the awards, but our heart is with them." Said.

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